The leadership team at Intrepid Solutions Australia have years of experience working within solution and service providers, and during their time in the industry, they have experienced many instances where things were done wrong and went wrong. 

It was these experiences that led them to establish and build their own company, with a commitment to doing things differently. They wanted to create a business that prioritises doing things the right way, rather than just doing things the way they had always been done. 

This led to a focus on simplicity and transparency, with the aim of creating solutions that were easy to use and understand, clear in terms of pricing and above all met our customers requirements. By prioritising these values, Intrepid Solutions Australia has been able to build a strong reputation for delivering high-quality solutions and services that are valued by its customers.

Our Values.

Customer Centric

A solution and service provider should always put the customer at the center of everything they do. This means listening to their needs, understanding their challenges, and tailoring solutions that meet their unique requirements.


Customers should always be able to trust their solution and service provider. This requires openness and transparency about pricing, processes, and the solutions being provided.


A solution and service provider should be committed to staying at the forefront of their industry, seeking out new and innovative solutions to problems that their customers are facing.


A solution and service provider should work collaboratively with customers, and be willing to adapt solutions based on feedback and evolving requirements. This requires a willingness to listen, communicate openly, and maintain a positive working relationship with customers.


Customers need to be able to rely on their solution and service provider to deliver high-quality solutions and services consistently. This requires a commitment to quality, attention to detail, and a willingness to go above and beyond to meet customer expectations.


A solution and service provider should take ownership of their work and be accountable for their actions. This includes being transparent about any issues that arise, and taking responsibility for finding solutions.

Meet Our Leadership Team

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