We're here to protect your
technology investment

Consulting & Advisory

Our consulting ethos is simple: to help deliver your outcomes quickly and successfully.
With a focus on understanding clients’ unique needs, challenges, and opportunities, Intrepid Solutions Australia’s consulting services are tailored to deliver actionable insights and practical solutions.

Professional Services

Intrepid Solutions Australia utilises a Hybrid Agile approach to project management, which combines the essential aspects of Waterfall methodology with agile development methods. We prioritise continuous learning and improvement for our engineers, encouraging innovation and experimentation to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

Support Services

We offer our support services to give you access to the expertise you need when you need it. 

We offer three variations of our On Demand services, Advanced Support, and Enterprise agreements all of which are designed to protect your investment and support your strategy

Training & Enablement

To maximise your technology investment Intrepid Solutions offers a number of training & enablement solutions.

Our training & enablement solutions range from boot camps,  vendor certification pathways, bespoke workshops, and enterprise training solutions.

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