As a SolarWinds Elite Partner Intrepid Solutions Australia has a team of SolarWinds Certified Professionals to ensure you get the most from your SolarWinds investment.

We offer several training & enablement solutions to meet the unique requirements of our clients ranging from short workshops to extensive bootcamps.


Our SolarWinds Fundamentals boot camp is an Instructor-led course that spans up to 5 days to provide comprehensive training for the core SolarWinds Orion & Observability platforms using interactive labs.

This course is designed to enable students of all levels the capability to deploy SolarWinds and be confident in the ongoing support & administration of the core Orion Modules & Hybrid Cloud Observability product suite.



The advanced course teaches students how to plan and execute end-to-end application monitoring by utilizing SolarWinds products.

This advanced training program focuses on the advanced use of the core Orion & Hybrid Cloud Observability features including Custom SQL Alerts, Reports, Dashboards & Network Maps.

The course is intended to assist students in advancing from basic monitoring to a more extensive, end-to-end approach that empowers organizations to identify the underlying causes of performance issues or service interruptions in intricate application delivery environments.


Our bespoke workshops will leverage the content from the Bootcamp with a focus on what’s important to your organisation in your own SolarWinds environment.

The workshops are often included with consulting & deployment engagements to provide knowledge transfer to protect your SolarWinds investment.


Enterprise training engagements are designed to enable operators, engineers & technology leaders to align SolarWinds with their Enterprise Monitoring, Observability & ITSM strategy.

Our enterprise training solution takes a consultative approach to align the delivery with the organization’s objectives.

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